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Break the display boundaries and bring an innovative richness to your retail space by investing in Adder. Our retail displays are specifically designed to bring an element of luxury and extravagance to your business that eases customers to invest in your product. To see how versatile our displays are and how they can be incorporated into any space, look at our interactive showroom and shop below and click on any number to see how Adder can work for your business.

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  1. Entrance
  2. Shop Window
  3. Floor
  4. Checkout
  5. Countertop
  6. Wall Mounted
  7. Hanging
  8. Store-Within-A-Store
  9. Customised


To create an extravagant first impression, Adder recommends:

Shop Window

Bring elegance and style to your shop window. Adder recommends:


If you want to add depth and luxury to your floor space, Adder recommends:

  • floor display with a width of 40cm, 55cm or 75cm
  • A brochure holder to showcase key marketing materials


To promote your brand all the way to the checkout and keep clients coming back, Adder recommends:


To make the most of your countertop space, Adder recommends:

Wall Mounted

To enhance your wall advertising, Adder recommends:


To make the most of your overhead space, Adder recommends:



To create an opulent retail display within a larger shop, Adder recommends:


Adder suggests:

  • If the standard dimensions of our displays do not suit your dimensional requirements, contact us and we will help you achieve what you need.
  • Contact us for more information regarding our range customised brochure stands, product demo holders or top signs, each designed to accentuate your display and make it truly bespoke.
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