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Retail Floor Displays Simplifying Your Marketing Campaigns

Retail Floor Displays are traditional marketing tools that have been used time and again in retail environments. Adder knows that the sales environment has changed since the introduction of floor displays, so we have revamped the old concept with brand new innovation for better displays and bigger results.

We use deluxe Adder media that is made from synthetic paper. The ultra-thin graphics are small on appearance but big on durability. Our floor display graphics are washable, waterproof, tear proof, stain proof, anti-static and have a matte sheen finish. We have developed two product lines within our floor display range; the FineLine™ and InStore™.

FineLine™ floor displays come with an aluminium frame to create a modern, sleek appearance. Choose from silver, black, white or urban wood to complement your retail space and add vivacity to your marketing campaign. The graphics are magnetic and can be switched out within minutes as and when your promotional campaign changes.

InStore™ uses a push and lock system to create flawlessly taut graphics that make a difference. The graphics twist and slide out, allowing you to switch your display to your present promotions without the added expense of buying additional hardware.

Retail Floor Displays accentuate and highlight your campaigns in a luxury way that is guaranteed to translate to revenue, get in touch and see how Adder innovation can benefit your business today.

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