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InStore™ Retail Floor Display

InStore™ Retail Floor Display

Adder’s InStore™ Retail Floor Display is a luxe marketing tool that is bigger, brighter, bolder and better than any other floor display. Portability and functionality do not have to come at the expense of a sleek design, as InStore™ demonstrates.

Using Adder media, the InStore™ floor display prints pronounced graphics onto the world’s sharpest and most rigid synthetic paper. It is waterproof, washable, tear proof, stain proof, anti-static and has a matte sheen finish. It is so versatile and hard wearing that it can even be used outside.

The ultra-thin aluminium base can be branded for increased brand enhancement without compromising on style.

InStore™ utilises a push and lock system that ensures graphics are taut and flawless regardless of the terrain. The display is double-sided, maximising your business’ promotional appeal without taking up additional floor space or looking cluttered and bulky.

We have developed the InStore™ floor display with functionality at its heart thus easing the burden of seasonal campaign changes and the additional expenses, time and effort they require. The graphics simply slide in and out. Such convenience as with the InStore™ Retail Floor Display is the reason the world’s biggest and most trusted brands come to us time and again for retail and communication display solutions.

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