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Fabric Retail Displays Seamless Display Solutions For Your Brand

Adder UK supply a huge range of Fabric Retail Displays designed to create an unforgettable customer experience. Adder are industry leaders in experiential displays that provide real results, so we are proud to offer such an extensive range of modern fabric solutions.

Fabric displays are a favourable choice for businesses looking to entice customers with seamless, edge to edge graphics that are bigger, bolder, brighter and better. Fabric displays are opaque, non-reflective, modern alternatives to traditional marketing media.

Fabric displays employ a dye-sublimation printing process during which ink is injected and fused into the fabric rather than on top. This ensures elevated longevity and the ability to wash and fold your graphics without risk of damage.

For heightened brand visibility and individuality, we provide a range of LED fabric displays. By lighting up your campaign, you are igniting a curiosity within your clients to find out more about your products. This easily translates into revenue.

All of the fabric we use is carefully selected with the environment in mind. We believe the planet should not suffer at the hands of effective retail displays, therefore we make every effort to source premium materials with minimum planetary damage.

Adder specialise in breaking boundaries, and if your business is looking for a competitive edge, join us and invest in Fabric Retail Displays.

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