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FineLine™ Retail Displays Enticing visual experiences for your audience

FineLine™ Retail Displays comprise of a premium range of retail display products designed to get your business real results that matter. Adder’s world-renowned Fineline™ products are employed by the biggest and most recognised brands because of the high-calibre design and unrivaled promotional opportunities they offer.

The magnetic graphics smoothly snap on and off the minimalistic aluminium frame, enabling you to change your marketing campaign graphics efficiently, eliminating the need for purchasing new hardware with every seasonal change.

The FineLine™ range houses our core, best-selling products that are loved by clients and businesses across the globe. FineLine’s™ biggest asset is its versatility and extensive coverage. The FineLine™ range encompasses wall displays, hanging displays, floor displays and countertop displays. Regardless of your marketing message, end goal or space available, FineLine™ can be manipulated to deliver your objective in an effective yet sleek way.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we have polished our FineLine™ product line to the highest quality. The luxury design gives you double-sided promotion that doesn’t compromise on style. FineLine™ graphic media is paper thin but profoundly durable. It is waterproof, washable, tear and stain proof, not-static and matte.

Moreover, our FineLine™ Retail Displays range has been engineered with the environment in mind. There is no trace of PVC, wood or lamination within this range, adding to the superior nature of this line.

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