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Wall Retail Displays All About Your Message

For stellar marketing displays that don’t take up an abundance of space, FineLine™ Retail Wall Displays are the perfect solution. Deriving from the premium FineLine™ retail display system, Adder’s wall displays harness the luxury qualities of FineLine™ graphic media and marry it with the unrivalled marketing velocity of high impact wall displays.

Utilising FineLine’s™ world-renowned thin aluminum frame, retail wall displays retain the convenience of efficient campaign changes through the medium of replaceable magnetic graphics. This means your hardware will last you a lifetime, even if your marketing message does not.

Adder is proud to be an eco-friendly retail and communication shop displays specialist; something we achieved through ingenious engineering and a passion to make a difference. FineLine™ wall display graphics are paper thin but extremely hardwearing. They are tear and stain proof, water resistant and non-static. The matte finish is washable and all media is free of PVC, wood and lamination.

Adder’s ethos is about pushing boundaries and breaking tradition to get bigger and better results than ever before. We believe you either move with the times or get left behind. Experiential displays are a modern technique designed to coax customers into a purchase through peaking their interest. In order to accommodate for this, we have developed our best-selling Retail Wall Displays in an LED format, giving you the option to light up your campaign and ignite higher revenue potential.

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