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Counter Retail Displays

Counter Retail Displays

FineLine™ Counter Retail Displays harness the promotional velocity of point-of-purchase buying power and couple it with Adder’s world-renowned deluxe FineLine™ design to create a visually and technically stunning retail shop display.

Adder’s FineLine™ product range specialises in easing the burden of seasonal campaign changes through the medium of magnetic graphics that easily attach and detach from the slimline aluminium frame. The markedly thin synthetic paper graphics are discrete on appearance but heavy duty on wear. They are waterproof, tear and stain proof, anti-static, eco-friendly and have a high quality matte sheen finish.

Adder source all display materials with the environment in mind. Powerful displays do not have to ruin the planet, and we are proud to be industry leaders in regards to sustainable sourcing.

Display counters possess an unprecedented amount of influence for buyers. They are often the make or break factor for impulse buyers, and wield more power now than ever before due to a decline in the need for store support. Shop counter marketing tools require little space, making them perfect for kiosks, reception areas, promotional counters or concession shop displays.

Striking imagery and well-presented marketing information could be the deciding factor on whether or not a client decides to invest in your business, reiterating the intense competency of Counter Top Retail Displays.

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