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FineLine™ Fabric Retail Floor Displays Designed To Maximise Your ROI

FineLine™ Fabric Retail Floor Displays

Freestanding Fabric Retail Displays are core products within Adder’s bestselling, world-renowned FineLine™ range. Freestanding fabric retail displays are premium alternatives to traditional floor displays.

Freestanding fabric displays couple the expert promotional functionality of floor displays with the opulence of fabric graphics. Adder uses premium, eco-friendly ink and injects it into the deluxe fabric using a dye-sublimation printing technique. This technique fuses the ink to the fabric, creating a flawless graphic that is both vibrant and dependable.

Fabric displays utilise silicone edge graphics, making them easy to replace when your marketing campaign changes and you need to update your promotional message. Freestanding retail displays are part of our FineLine™ range, meaning they come with the iconic, thin aluminium frame available in four colours: black, white, silver or urban wood.

Floor displays have been a reliable marketing tradition in times gone by, and the buying influence they wield has been imperative to business campaigns across the globe. Adder has taken this tradition and moulded it into the 21st century by introducing fabric. Fabric displays offer unrivalled clarity, making graphics bigger, brighter and better than ever before.

If your business requires a display that is versatile, bold and will translate investment into revenue, Freestanding Fabric Retail Displays are a stellar choice.

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