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FineLine™ Hanging Retail Displays

FineLine™ Hanging Retail Displays

Hanging Retail Displays are a core component within our FineLine™ product range. Hanging displays are a global phenomenon due to their unmatched versatility and usability.

We have taken hanging displays and refined them to have the world-renowned properties of our bestselling FineLine™ display systems, including the sleek aluminium frame in a choice of black, silver, urban wood or white.

Adder is the industry leader in premium shop display retail solutions that work, and we pride ourselves on the rigidity of our products. We use exceedingly strong yet beautifully discreet wire to hang our displays, creating a floating effect that will leave clients in awe.

Overhead displays utilise Adder’s high quality FineLine™ graphics. The double-sided, paper-thin media is has a small carbon footprint but a big marketing impact. FineLine™ media is waterproof, tear proof, stain proof, washable and easily replaceable. Simply buy the hardware once and it will last you for life, even if your promotional campaign does not.

Adder understands that not every business has the means for high-impact floor displays, and we acknowledge the costly struggle of changing displays to fit with present campaigns. That is why we engineered our Hanging Retail Displays to provide extravagant brand coverage that is functional but that works for both the client and the business.

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