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FineLine™ LED Fabric Retail Displays Enhancing Retail Environments

FineLine™ LED Fabric Retail Displays

Adder specialises in pushing the boundaries and lifting industry standards to an all-time high. We have enhanced traditional retail displays by incorporating fabric and soft LED lighting, thrusting retail environments into the 21st century. We have adapted our world-renowned FineLine™ range to include state of the art LED Fabric Retail Displays.

LED displays are sleek marketing tools designed to illuminate focal points of your promotional campaign in an elegant yet powerful way. We have paired the warm and inviting ambience of LED lights with the modern vigour of fabric displays to create a high-velocity marketing tool that will promote your business in an unrivalled manor.

We create stunning fabric displays by injecting eco-friendly ink into premium fabric through a dye-sublimation printing technique. This ensures graphics won’t crack, peel or fade. They can be washed and folded to maintain their vivacity without risk of incurring damage to the graphics, keeping your campaign refreshed and bold for longer.

As LED Fabric Displays are part of our FineLine™ range, they are wrapped in our superior aluminium frame that is available in a choice of four sleek finishes: white, black, silver or urban wood.

If you’re looking for a retail solution that boasts both excellence and style, LED Fabric Retail Displays are a prime solution.

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